The Magic IML Label

IML labels are increasingly used in food and non-food markets widely. It Depends on the customer need,supply different solution project to satified with different market. Used for in decoration plastic products.Food package for  icecream ,beverage,salad ,butter,cheese,and kinds of nuts,and so on.Non-food package also widely used in household daily products:table, chair,paint bucket, chemical  containers,Drawer cabinet ,washing products and so on.

The IML process is very accurate.First, the pre-printed polypropylene (PP) label is placed in the mold just before it is closed during the injection molding process.When the mold is injected into the molten PP, the label is literally fused with the packaging material.The end result is an integrated IML label and plastic product.Everything is done in one step.
The choice of IML Label material depends on the customer's requirements and packaging design.It is also very important to have the necessary technical know-how.Not every material can be used for every product. Before using the IML label , we need to test whether the product can use the IML label well.
   IML include: Laminated White Glossing Film, Laminated White Matte Film, Laminated Transparent Glossing Film, Laminated Transparent Matte Film, Orange Peel Film, Laminated Special Effect Film...
 After injection,the face will show glossy and smooth or matte or metallic effect or show special effect.It greatly improves the visual impact of the product.
Laminated IML label,because the ink is between two films,not on the surface,so the face can resist strong rub and destroy.Print the ink in the closed ,no any smell,more safe and hygeian.
Shrinkable is similar with PP,so keep thin-walled production not liable to warp.

IML ,used in many kinds of injection mould production widely.
1 Decoration for foodpackage.
2 Plastic articles ofeveryday use.
3 Decoration forChemical production package.
4 Decoration forelectronic products,electrical products and parts of car.

Advantages of in mould label (IML)
1.Full-auto production achieved to improve productivity  And reduce the cost.
2.Improved barrier performance of the container. 
3.Exquisite and high definition in printing effect which is more desirable in comparison with traditional printing ways.
4.Perdurable without falling off,fading or breaking easily. Resistance to water,oil, mildew,acid and alkaline;anti-wearing and durable at low temperature;allowed to soak. 
5.Easy to recycle ,more environmental-friendly.
6.Integrated with the container as one part, no label in look with anti-counterfeiting effect.
7.Making the container tougher and saving the resin consumption.

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